Technical Writing
Focus on Audience
"Technical communication is the communication of technical information to a specific audience for a specific purpose. The goal of a technical document is to inform or persuade users, to help them understand a subject, accomplish a task, make a decision, adopt a particular perspective, or take specific action."
                                      Dr Tracy Bridgeford
           University of Nebraska @ Omaha 
      Associate Professor of Technical Communication 
    Chair, Graduate Program Committee 
 Director, Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication 
                                    Director, English Internship Program
Following graduation, my hope is to enter the career field of technical writing. The certificate I am attaining is one of high value in the business world and just may be my key to laying a firm foundation beneath my children and I.  Here, you will find a policy proposal that was selected by a professor to compete for a top spot in the undergraduate colloquium my second year. Unfortunately, it did not win that seat but still makes me proud. You can also find other projects surrounding the area of technical communication.